Eric Schmitt

Founder and president, schmitt + company

Eric Schmitt is a General Contractor with over 40 years experience building custom residential homes and wineries in the Napa Valley. His mastery of high concept design has made him a sought-after builder by architects and clients alike.

As Founder and President of Schmitt & Co, Eric works directly with clients at every phase of construction. Home builders seek him out in the early stages to help evaluate land purchases, navigate the permitting process, and review architects. He accepts a limited number of projects each year to ensure that every client receives hands on involvement from Eric and other top partners within Schmitt & Co. This approach has earned Eric and his team a reputation for transparency, trustworthiness, and unparalleled client service.

Eric is proud to have helped countless executives, winery owners, lawyers, business professionals, and their families realize their dream estates in the Napa Valley. It is his mission to ensure that every project he takes on is constructed with the highest quality, all while staying on time and on budget.

After helping his parents renovate two iconic Yountville properties – the Vintage 1870 shopping center and iconic restaurant The French Laundry, which Eric’s parents opened in 1978 – Eric was offered an apprenticeship by a respected local General Contractor who also happened to be a licensed architect and engineer. He spent his teenage years working on job sites during the day while learning the principles of superior guest service at The French Laundry in the evenings, where his dad, Don Schmitt, welcomed guests and his mom, Sally Schmitt, was head Chef. It wasn’t long before Eric was acting as Foreman for high end custom residential projects throughout the Napa Valley.

Eric formally founded Schmitt & Co in 2000 with his wife, Melissa Schmitt, after receiving his Contractors license. Schmitt & Co has gone on to partner with top architecture firms to build some of the most prominent wineries and estates in the Napa Valley. He is proud to have built longstanding relationships with the area’s most respected subcontractors.

“We’re builders and craftsmen first,” Eric says, when asked about his team’s biggest strengths. “But our appreciation of art is a close second. When you marry that skill and appreciation with an ethical mindset, transparent business practices, and immense attention to detail, you get the best possible outcome every time.”