Kenzo Tasting Room + Administration

Enhancing guest experience with expertly crafted design.

Shortly after Kenzo Estate Winery was completed, their team approached Schmitt + Company to continue our successful partnership – a new tasting room and administration building that would embody a similar look and feel as the larger estate and attract guests from all over the world. Designed by Howard Backen, the two-story wood-framed structure features a naturally-inspired exterior finish to acknowledge, and pay homage to, the breathtaking outdoors on which the property sits.


Backen + Gillam Architectural Design

built 2010 · 4,500 SQ FT · Backen + Gillam interiors · Adrián Gregorutti photography · robb mcdonough photography

Kenzo’s tasting room is not only welcoming, it contributes to a cohesive guest experience of the estate. The building blends seamlessly with the understated elegance of the winery grounds. Graceful oak and plaster finishes accent the interior, while natural stone floors extend out to the patio and terrace areas through spacious pocket doorways.